“This Way To The Egress …”

Just as I thought.

That so-called, “de-fund the police movement” has not truly caught on. It was a flash-in-the-pan media-circus moment and many of my friends and clients fell for it.

So, once again, a lot of anger and worry and angst and victim-think from chicken-littles and hand-wringers and pants-pissers wasted on reacting and emoting and feeling badly and lobbying others to likewise feel badly.

Such a waste of energy and passion that could have been used to inspire citizens, create informed ambassadors, show a disproportionate return-on-investment of tax dollars and invested in building crime-resistant communities.

That energy and passion could have been used in a thousand positive, effective ways, but now it is gone.


The “de-fund movement” has taken down its circus tents and the arcade and calliope have moved on to other venues – while too many agencies and Law Enforcement professionals are right back where they started – waiting for the next thing about which to react.

Life is short. Energy is finite. Spend it or invest it.

Resist reactionary victim-think. Lead like you mean it.

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Stephen L. Kent, founder and president of The Results Group, Ltd., has more than 35 years of leadership, training and facilitation experience. As a leadership & training consultant, he specializes in helping organizations design and implement programs to improve personal, leadership and organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, issues management and community engagement. Steve is a dynamic speaker who is known for his straight talk that gets right to the heart of key issues. He is the author of Strategic Planning & Organizational Culture For Public Safety Agencies and the novel, Covered With Montana - both of which may be purchased on Amazon.com. He and his family reside in Oro Valley, Arizona.