Strategic Advantage

You’re Not In The Business You Think You’re In

STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE … OR SHORT-SIGHTED AND VULNERABLE? It may look to you that you’re in the “Law Enforcement” business or the “Fire” business or the “Communications” or “Detention” business. I submit that you’re being a bit short-sighted. The “business” you’re in isn’t “what” you do; it’s about the CONSEQUENCES of what you do. I believe you are in the Economic… Read more →

Stop Enabling Abusers In The Workplace.

Stop Enabling Abusers In The Workplace.

For years I did a block of training on “How To Deal With A Disgruntled, Dysfunctional, Toxic Employee.” Then, at one point, it occurred to me that I was doing little more than trying to provide people with techniques for dealing with, tolerating, legitimizing and further enabling abusers. Yes, abusers. Those who who lie; blame others; demonstrate disdain for rules;… Read more →

Change Is Inevitable. Progress Is Optional.

Change Is Inevitable. Progress Is Optional.

We only have the past – and we have the future. I suggest that my friends, students and clients pick one … and stick with it. Most “strategic planning” in organizations consists of the periodic creation of a list of short-term projects upon which to spend The People’s money. That is neither “strategic” nor “planning.” As a nation we risk… Read more →

A Few Results Thoughts

If you seek a leadership “position” or a leadership “title” because you want to be – or to be seen as – a leader you have missed the entire point. Inspiring others isn’t about us. It’s about them. It’s not about a title or a position or calling one’s self a “leader.” That is simply ego riding on the proverbial… Read more →

"This Way To The Egress ..."

“This Way To The Egress …”

Just as I thought. That so-called, “de-fund the police movement” has not truly caught on. It was a flash-in-the-pan media-circus moment and many of my friends and clients fell for it. So, once again, a lot of anger and worry and angst and victim-think from chicken-littles and hand-wringers and pants-pissers wasted on reacting and emoting and feeling badly and lobbying… Read more →

We Need A New Political Party

We Need A New Political Party

We need a new political party – the party of Americans. By Americans. Of Americans. For Americans. It cannot include seditionists, traitors, cult worshippers, insurrectionists, authoritarians, provocateurs, cheats, hypocrites, advocates of civil war or downright pandering wackos selling the soul of The Republic for a few sound bites on ad-driven media and a few votes from the obscenity that is… Read more →

A Trained Organization versus A Learning Organization - Installment 2

A Trained Organization versus A Learning Organization – Installment 2

As I noted in the first installment of this opinion piece, I recently completed an online course provided by Harvard University entitled, “Introduction to Family Engagement in Education.” My initial intent was to continue learning as much as possible about how our family could improve our effectiveness as coaches for our son as he negotiates a different field upon which… Read more →



I am honored to know Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. He is dedicated to family, to his community and to his profession. When politics run roughshod over reason and integrity, when liars gain prominence and are obscenely blessed by the courts, when other elected and appointed officials stand by and do nothing … well, Sheriff Ozzie is the guy you want on… Read more →

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