Testimonials From Results Leaders

Chris Crawforth – Chief of Police – Sparks, Nevada

“The Results Group has been instrumental in providing our agency and city direction and understanding of proper, professional and active leadership.

Our Police Department has utilized The Results Group for more than a decade and continue to send first line supervisors to training to continue a shared leadership vision with the same principles.

Our city recently hired them to train all supervisors throughout the city to continue in that shared vision.

We highly recommend The Results Group and continue to be impressed with Steve’s ability to empower all levels of leadership.”

Matt Stoffolano – Regional Chief Ranger – Washington, D.C. – National Park Service

Our organization has worked with, and continues to work with Mr. Kent and he provides us with valuable services. We have and will continue to send our employees to this training. In addition, it has helped me set the tone and direction of our organization and keep things on track. Quality training, highly recommended.

Ron Harding – Chief Of Police at City of Poulsbo, Washington

My first exposure to Steve’s instruction was at a Sergeant’s Academy which literally changed the course of my career.  Steve taught me that every individual has to take ownership of their life, their career, and their actions.  I accept responsibility for the things I need to change and I take responsibility for the choices I make. This led me to stop making excuses, blaming others, and passing the buck.  Now, as a leader, I can let others know that my expectation for them is the same as it is for me.  There is no room for triangulation and no room for passing the buck.  We choose to give all we can and to expect the same of everyone in the organization.

Erik Scairpon – Chief of Police, Marysville, Washington

I came to know Steve from attending his training in my capacity as a police officer years ago, and prior to promotion. I found that Steve’s training was forward thinking, enlightening, and provided a solid dose of leadership 101 that is sorely needed in law enforcement. I had the opportunity to work closely with Steve in developing several videos for him to promote his trainings and spoke with a number of Chiefs, Sheriffs, and other high ranking police officials that benefit from the strategic advantage that Steve’s firm provides. I enjoyed working with Steve on these projects and seeing his training behind the scenes. The most striking example I saw was at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office where we were able to capture some of the great work that The Results Group has been doing in partnership with that agency. As officers and lieutenants have come to me and asked what trainings they should be looking to attend in order to enhance their leadership skill set, I consistently recommend any of the leadership academies that Steve Kent and The Results Group provide. Feedback I have received from these attendees has reinforced that my recommendations are not misplaced. Thank you Steve, for all that you do for law enforcement in the greater western US.

Ed Holmes – Chief of Police, Mercer Island, Washington

“I found Steve Kent from The Results Group to be exceptionally helpful when I was first appointed as Chief 17 years ago. His unique methods for approaching the organizational challenges we all face are very effective and easy to understand. He is able to achieve buy-in from every level of the organization, and he creates a sense of excitement around our roles as public servants. Over the course of my time as the Chief, I have continued to engage Steve’s services and have recommended him to a number of my colleagues who have needed help with improving the overall health of their organizations. I am a better leader because of Steve.”

Dave Marshall – Sergeant, Retired

Outstanding training. I highly recommend it for all leaders. (Regardless of your rank.)

Eric Bush – Major General (Retired)

“I’ve been very blessed to have had tremendous opportunities throughout my professional career. I largely owe my achievements to a handful of individuals that been key to my professional development. Steve Kent of The Results Group sits prominently amongst that elite group. From the time I first met him in the 1990’s, while attending a Results Group training course, to working with him on ideas and concepts that continue to enrich my leadership toolbox, even today.”

Paul Crawford – Fire Equipment Technician, City of Henderson Fire Department; formerly Supervisory Special Agent, National Park Service (Retired)

“Once again I was subjected to leadership training and I thought ‘kill me now!’ I quickly realized I was about to learn some critical life lessons that I would use in my career and beyond. Clearly he has the vision to make you think beyond your classic talking points and present your operation in a positive manner especially when asking for funding.”

Bobby White – Graduate (2023) The Sergeants’ Academy, Community Transit, Everett, Washington

The Sergeants’ Academy, held at the Mount Vernon Police Department, exceeded my expectations in many ways. Steve told stories and gave examples of things that I have seen throughout my career and wasn’t sure how to approach. The classroom was engaged and had great conversations about solutions, and why the situations were occurring in the first place. This academy is great for anyone looking to progress as a leader and an example to follow within their agency.

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Stephen L. Kent, founder and president of The Results Group, Ltd., has more than 35 years of leadership, training and facilitation experience. As a leadership & training consultant, he specializes in helping organizations design and implement programs to improve personal, leadership and organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, issues management and community engagement. Steve is a dynamic speaker who is known for his straight talk that gets right to the heart of key issues. He is the author of Strategic Planning & Organizational Culture For Public Safety Agencies and the novel, Covered With Montana - both of which may be purchased on Amazon.com. He and his family reside in Oro Valley, Arizona.

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