An Apology

In an act of frustration and yes, anger, I posted something on my website, Facebook and elsewhere that could have resulted in a third-party questioning the ethics and reputation of a long-time, much trusted and beloved friend.

Anyone who attempts to do that is, quite simply, wrong.

Had I known of my friend’s other relationships I would never have posted the reference at all. To the extent I could find them, the references have been removed from Facebook, LinkedIn and my firm’s website.

Sir, if I ever – even inadvertently – cause even the slightest doubt about your extraordinary character and stellar reputation, the shame of that would live with me forever.

I am not asking for absolution. I’m telling you it won’t happen again. – s

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Stephen L. Kent, founder and president of The Results Group, Ltd., has more than 35 years of leadership, training and facilitation experience. As a leadership & training consultant, he specializes in helping organizations design and implement programs to improve personal, leadership and organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, issues management and community engagement. Steve is a dynamic speaker who is known for his straight talk that gets right to the heart of key issues. He is the author of Strategic Planning & Organizational Culture For Public Safety Agencies and the novel, Covered With Montana - both of which may be purchased on He and his family reside in Oro Valley, Arizona.