We Need A New Political Party

We need a new political party – the party of Americans. By Americans. Of Americans. For Americans.

It cannot include seditionists, traitors, cult worshippers, insurrectionists, authoritarians, provocateurs, cheats, hypocrites, advocates of civil war or downright pandering wackos selling the soul of The Republic for a few sound bites on ad-driven media and a few votes from the obscenity that is gerrymandering. Nor should it tolerate such choices.

We have weathered wars on other shores. We have dealt with Depressions. We have weathered pandemics. Yet no Nation can survive if allowed to rot from the inside out. We need a new political party.

It cannot be a party of cowards it must be a party of the brave and intrepid and valorous. It cannot be a party of bullies it must be a party of the compassionate and those who will call out bullying for what it is: cowardice.

It must be a party that demands a better life for all Americans, which welcomes and encourages and fosters and demands diversity; one wherein its members openly and loudly eschew racism, xenophobia, misogyny, hatred and divisiveness.

It must be a party of servants not an unruly mob of predators.

It must be a party that does not define itself in contrast to other beliefs. Rather, it must be a party of values and inspirations that stand on their own.

It must be a party that respects differences rather than a dysfunctional gaggle that views anyone who disagrees as the enemy.

It must be a party that requires government to be right-sized and fiscally accountable rather than bloated and wasteful and arrogant and it must be a party that requires all elements of government to consistently demonstrate value-added to the lives of Americans – a return-on-investment for every tax dollar it earns.

It must be a party that is focused upon creating environments where the private sector can create customers and jobs and a strong national and international economy.

It must be a party that expects that people may get disproportionately rich, but inspires them to pay a disproportionate share of taxes because they are honored to focus on how blessed they are – not upon how elite they might believe themselves to be.

It must be a party to serve all Americans – not just those who voted it into power. It must be a party which sees compromise as a strength rather than a weakness borne of confused and toxic masculinity.

It must be a party that acknowledges that we are a great people but, as a mere four percent of the World population, we are not the only people.

It must be a party that recognizes that the Stock Market is a mere reflection of shareholder positioning – not a measure of the lives of the average citizen.

It must be a party that requires shareholders of any corporation to demonstrate ethical corporate citizenship rather than raw greed and profit-at-any-cost.

It must be a party of facts not a party of lies.

It must be a party that recognizes the ancients of this continent and their legacies of wisdom, contributions to civilization, the law and spirituality.

It must be a party that is blind to differences rewarding only those of character and integrity and honesty.

It must be a party that focuses on the future rather than imagining cherry picked memories of a nostalgic and mythical past.

It must be a party that celebrates real heroes and heroines – the quiet ones – teachers, nurses, housekeepers, the bussers, dispatchers, maintenance folks, the person who picks up our garbage, dishwashers, cooks, taxi drivers, truck drivers, surveyors, dancers, artists, honest cops, the research assistant in the back room of the lab, the farm laborer, the logger, the single parent, the kid with the lemonade stand who donates the proceeds to charity … rather than the arm wavers and narcissists and overly-paid sports celebrities and shrill carney barkers who crave attention only for themselves.

It must be a party that seeks to build up and cherish the Citizenry – not punish them for imagined disloyalty or because they’re poor or different or disadvantaged or have made poor life choices.

It must be a party that serves the citizenry rather than believing it must control the citizenry.

It must be a party that does not allow media to drive its narrative or determine its values or priorities.

It must be a party that uses technology in an ethical, humane manner rather than as a tool to manipulate information and vulnerable minds.

It must be a party that relies upon science and one that reveres art.

It must be a party that fosters independence rather than dysfunctional co-dependence.

It must be one that demands respect for balance among and between the three branches of government rather than allowing one or two to run roughshod over another.

It must be a party where there are no back-room or under-the-table deals; it must be a party where there are no secrets and no surprises.

It must be a party that requires that all Americans protect the vulnerable, the sick, the hungry, the disadvantaged and the immigrant.

It must be a party that seeks to help Citizens become self-reliant and self-sufficient rather than profiting from and taking pleasure in seeing a population mired in debt and hopelessness.

It must be a party of our Constitution rather than one of magical, failed theories of pseudo-theocracy – a party that knows when we focus upon our Constitution first, all religions will be just fine; and knows that the reverse is not true.

It must be a party based upon confidence rather than hubris, upon compassion rather than fear.

It must be a party that removes any and all obstacles to open, free elections. It must be a party that builds confidence in our fundamental institutions rather than undermining them at every turn.

It must be a party focused upon making certain our Citizens are healthy and safe and well-fed.

It must be a party that focuses upon the greater good and preserving individual rights rather than demonizing and regulating female reproductive systems.

It must be a party where there is laughter, and pets and joy and enthusiasm borne of discovery.

It must be a party that demands adherence to rules protecting the land, water and air and will not allow non-renewable resources to be harvested for profit when there are a myriad renewable alternatives.

It must be a party focused upon, embracing and celebrating positive values and ethics – rather than seeking validity through diminishing, ridiculing or demonizing others.

It must be a party committed to an educated population … for therein – alone – lies the future strength of The Republic.

Let us build this.

(“You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon)

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Stephen L. Kent, founder and president of The Results Group, Ltd., has more than 35 years of leadership, training and facilitation experience. As a leadership & training consultant, he specializes in helping organizations design and implement programs to improve personal, leadership and organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, issues management and community engagement. Steve is a dynamic speaker who is known for his straight talk that gets right to the heart of key issues. He is the author of Strategic Planning & Organizational Culture For Public Safety Agencies and the novel, Covered With Montana - both of which may be purchased on Amazon.com. He and his family reside in Oro Valley, Arizona.

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  1. Craig Lawrence Jensen
    Craig Lawrence Jensen at |

    This is a very insightful and meaningful statement of hope for the future of this country. If there is any truth to the concept of American exceptionalism it is that there is really very little that separates us from the rancher in the valley to the teacher in the city. America is a dream for all of us and the diversity brings new perspectives and ideas to refresh our Democracy from generation to generation. Let freedom ring, but let it be a real freemdom of goodness: we all know instictively what that is. Let there be pragmatism and the good choices of a community that embraces change and is nimble in accepting the cost of those changes. Thank-you for the inspiring words, that we cal all relate to, can contirbute to….

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