What Are You Waiting For, Permission? Here It Is ...

What Are You Waiting For, Permission? Here It Is …

Rid the ranks of the “It won’t work” and replace those folks with, “How can I help?” Rid the ranks of “Us versus Them” and replace those folks with “Let’s build coalitions.” Rid the ranks of “They are out to get us” and replace those folks with “We need to listen, adapt and focus on Strategic Advantage.” Rid the ranks… Read more →

Lead Or Whine. Your Call.

As I surf about LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites I am struck by the number of posts – ostensibly written by titled LEO professionals – portraying Law Enforcement as a “victim.” Those posts are then commented upon by people who pile on – against community, media, the courts, and a lot of “others” – using extremely disparaging language… Read more →

Today’s WTF Are You Doing?! Scolding:

C’mon, folks, where are the photos and stories of the good work you’re doing to improve people’s lives, the community member testimonials on your behalf, the hourly highlights of everyday heroines and heroes among your ranks??!! Why are you not flooding social media with those on an hourly basis? Where are the voices of your Mayor, City Council, County Commission,… Read more →

The Effective Job Performance Review

The Effective Job Performance Review

First, a little Bedtime Story for all employees – particularly for those who might think this organization exists to give them a job: Once upon a time there was a magical place where ones continued employment and promotional opportunities were predicated upon their willingness to demonstrate more value-added in the workplace than the sum of the resources they consumed. The… Read more →

Maintaining Public Trust

Maintaining Public Trust

As organizations throughout the United States start to form “committees” and “task forces” and other group discussion forums to deal with the issue of “Maintaining Public Trust,” I offer a few thoughts. Please consider resisting – if not downright denouncing – any effort by anyone to turn the issue of “Maintaining Public Trust” into some sort of “project” (with project… Read more →

The Results Leader's Checklist

The Results Leader’s Checklist

Before anyone launches into “doing the budget” by filling out an Excel spreadsheet or myriad county/city budget forms, there are a few items effective Leaders must consider—not the least of which are, “If we have two systems, we have no system…”; “The only way to rationally dismantle an organization is if you have built it rationally to begin with…”; and,… Read more →

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