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You can schedule and book a one-on-one, free, confidential one-hour consultation here – on line, live. Simply click on the graphic. You’ll leave this website and go to my Personal Coaching Site to book and schedule the Zoom meeting! I look forward to visiting with you! Also, please consider a free subscription to my Substack site: “It’s About The Future!“

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SKent send me your C and D people

Send Me Your ‘C’ And ‘D’ Students … And We’ll Change The World

Don’t send me only those people you have unilaterally deemed to be your “smartest” employees. I believe most people are not qualified to make such an arrogant assessment. Please send me the folks that, from your limited perspective and experience you have unilaterally – even disdainfully – labeled as your ‘slow learners.’ Send me your so-called ‘average’ employees. Send me… Read more →

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Leadership Training

Dear Chiefs, Sheriffs, Colonels, Directors, Administrative Assistants and Training Officers

Thanks for sending your Team members to our Leadership Training academies. You know I love you dearly … but, dang! After 30 years of working on your behalf, this must be said: In every leadership training academy I conduct I am keenly aware of and consistently learn more about my responsibilities in front of any room of guests in our… Read more →

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