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Tired Of Losing Good Players?

Tired Of Losing Good Players?

All I wanted was a place where a sweet, bright, compassionate, curious, courteous little boy could go kick a soccer ball around with some other kids. So we looked at a local soccer club sanctioned by an apparently reputable national soccer organization. We paid a few hundred dollars and were quite excited. We suited and geared up. We had a… Read more →

The Effective Job Performance Review

The Effective Job Performance Review

First, a little Bedtime Story for all employees – particularly for those who might think this organization exists to give them a job: Once upon a time there was a magical place where ones continued employment and promotional opportunities were predicated upon their willingness to demonstrate more value-added in the workplace than the sum of the resources they consumed. The… Read more →

A Trained Organization versus A Learning Organization - Installment 2

A Trained Organization versus A Learning Organization – Installment 2

As I noted in the first installment of this opinion piece, I recently completed an online course provided by Harvard University entitled, “Introduction to Family Engagement in Education.” My initial intent was to continue learning as much as possible about how our family could improve our effectiveness as coaches for our son as he negotiates a different field upon which… Read more →

The Results Leader's Checklist

The Results Leader’s Checklist

Before anyone launches into “doing the budget” by filling out an Excel spreadsheet or myriad county/city budget forms, there are a few items effective Leaders must consider—not the least of which are, “If we have two systems, we have no system…”; “The only way to rationally dismantle an organization is if you have built it rationally to begin with…”; and,… Read more →

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