Today’s WTF Are You Doing?! Scolding:

C’mon, folks, where are the photos and stories of the good work you’re doing to improve people’s lives, the community member testimonials on your behalf, the hourly highlights of everyday heroines and heroes among your ranks??!!

Why are you not flooding social media with those on an hourly basis? Where are the voices of your Mayor, City Council, County Commission, legislators, School Board, Ministers in support of local public safety? Are they just silent or scared? Why do we not hear those voices?

Did you hear nothing when I talked about getting ahead of the National advertising-sales media-driven script?

Nothing when I spoke of your role in community building? Nothing when we talked about keeping the public informed and of consistently promoting your successes before expecting benefit of your positive intent? Do you not remember my maxim: “When faced with a lack of information people tend to fill the vacuum with bad news”?

Did you think I was joking when I implored thousands of you to plan for a National disaster and to build community support, resources and plans ahead of time?

Maybe you thought I was kidding or talking about someone else when I said “It isn’t whether it will happen, it’s when and where.”

Did you not understand when I described Strategic Advantage in a hundred different ways … none of which involved grandiose demonstrations of force?

I know you are dedicated and compassionate and part of your communities. I know thousands of you – personally. I know about Peelian Principles and why violating them will cause huge problems. After some of the big city boys have publicly ruined things, you … YOU must still have public trust as your most valuable asset.

If I sound strident, theres a reason for it.

This is your time: to shine or to have the foundations of your mission weakened for a generation or more. Your call.

Build communities like you mean it.

Be a ‘marketing employee’ like you mean it.

Purge your ranks of 2%ers like you mean it.

Measure and promote only the things that matter like you mean it.

Memorialize daily successes like you mean it.

Lead like you mean it.

You will not have another possibility moment like this in your lifetime.

If you’re doing those things, great.

Never mind.If not, WTF are you doing?!

That is all. For now.

Be safe. -s

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Stephen L. Kent, founder and president of The Results Group, Ltd., has more than 30 years of leadership, training and facilitation experience. As a leadership & training consultant, he specializes in helping organizations design and implement programs to improve personal, leadership and organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, issues management and community engagement. Steve is a dynamic speaker who is known for his straight talk that gets right to the heart of key issues. He and his family reside in Oro Valley, Arizona.