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  • Episode 1: One of many discussions on “The Creative Process And Wisdom” with educator, videographer, world traveler, and much-trusted friend, (click) Steve Date.

  • Episode 2: One of my discussions with long-time friend and reciprocal mentor, (click) Eric Bush. In this episode we discuss life lessons about leadership, changing perspectives, the importance of stories and many other topics. I continue to be inspired by Eric’s wisdom, his ability to think strategically, his calm professionalism and his willingness to be fearlessly out front on any issue.

  • Episode 3: Excellent discussion with my friend (click) Heather Lee – Mom, Wife, Humorist, Writer, Leader and Unrepentant Champion On Behalf Of The Vulnerable.

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Listen to Steve talk with leaders about keys to successful results.

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NOTE: All Registrants are reminded to a) review the course topics for your chosen Academy prior to the first day of training b) bring paper and a pen to take notes; taking notes reinforces the course material and c) avoid texting and web surfing during instruction periods – it sends the unmistakable signal that you don’t really want to be in the course. It is also a huge waste of The People’s Hard-Earned Money.

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2 Responses

  1. Bobby White
    Bobby White at |

    The Sergeants’ Academy, held at the Mount Vernon Police Department, exceeded my expectations in many ways.

    Steve told stories and gave examples of things that I have seen throughout my career and wasn’t sure how to approach. The classroom was engaged and had great conversations about solutions, and why the situations were occurring in the first place.

    This academy is great for anyone looking to progress as a leader and an example to follow within their agency.

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