leadershipWe are committed to the Strategic Advantage of every one of our clients. That means we want you to get what you want, when you want it in the quantity that you need it.

Yet, we caution you: The time to create a relationship with a bank is NOT when you need a loan! Too many times have we heard the sad stories of those who waited until they needed benefit of the doubt about a decision they made; public support for funding, equipment, personnel, facilities; political support from their local legislative bodies; or support from the local media … only to find it was too late.

Why? Their Strategic Advantage bank account was in the red because no one in the agency had made a deposit in years. And then, the whining, blaming and excuses begin …

Strategic Advantage is a function of true Leadership and clarity of desired Destinations … a.k.a., “Results.”

Leadership is not a function of “rank” in any organization; it is a function of individual choices. True Leadership means: “The choices we make to inspire others to take positive, decisive action.” Leaders don’t wait. Leaders inspire. Leaders plan. Leaders act. Leaders stay out front. Leaders develop future Leaders.

Said another way: “I don’t like it when you’re not in charge.” Sorry, it’s just the kind of guy I am.

Our Leadership Academies and Consulting work are all engineered to assist clients with understanding and producing Strategic Advantage. Join us! Find out what it means to combine the choices we call, “Leadership” with the clarity of “Destinations” to create Strategic Advantage for yourself, your agency and your industry.

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