Principles of Effective Leadership and Supervision – 10 Hours

Principles of Effective Leadership and Supervision - 10 Hours

Principles of Effective Leadership and Supervision - 10 Hours
Principles of Effective Leadership and Supervision - 10 Hours

Principles of Effective Leadership and Supervision - 10 Hours

November 16 - 17
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Definition of LeadershipNovember 16 - 17  (5 hours each day)


The prevailing myth, “People don’t need training until they are actually in the position,” could not be more distant from the truth.

Each of us benefits from training before we seek additional responsibilities; anything less is demoralizing to individuals and a waste of funds due to failed or inconsistent on-the-job training.

The interactive workshop sessions outlined here are designed to help participants build upon their existing strengths, develop new skills and position themselves for future promotion.

These sessions are designed to bring easy to implement, practical principles to people from any discipline, technical field or career calling. The instructor conducts the course online, live.


November 16 - Day 1 of 2 Days (0830 - 1330 hours - Mountain Standard Time)

Session 1: Leadership + Destinations = Strategic Advantage (50 minutes) This hour-long session explains the relationship among and between true, effective Leadership, the clarity of outcomes and how effectively inspiring others creates opportunities – Strategic Advantage - for individuals and their work Teams.

10 minute break

Session 2: There Are Two Kinds Of People: Them That Plan And Them That Get To Live With The Plan (50 minutes) The importance of individual and section planning; the relationship among and between human needs, agreed-upon results and tasks; Strategic Issues and other potential obstacles to progress; tying plans to budgets; structure of an effective plan; and using Action Plans/Change proposals.

10 minute break

Session 3: Effective versus Ineffective Choices (50 minutes) I have learned that life is a series of choices. There are specific choices that, when made, move you closer to your organization’s Mission; there are specific choices that, when made, move you somewhere, but not where everyone else is going. This session examines both kinds of choices – ranging from creating an effective culture to how to measure meaningful success.

10 minute break

Session 4: Dealing With Difficult Co-workers (50 minutes) In too many work groups there are one or two employees who make everything about them rather than helping their Team members focus on agreed-upon objectives. Learn how to spot difficult co-workers, the negative impact they have upon everyone’s performance and what to do to help them be successful – if not here, well, maybe somewhere else.

10 minute break

Session 5: The Importance of Your Mission And Personal Vision (50 minutes) Most “mission statements” are not true Mission Statements; rather they are simple taglines. Likewise, “Vision” is often regarded as superficial by those who do not appreciate the value of inspiring yourself and others to create an effective future. This session helps you define a Mission and Personal Vision for your area of accountability.

November 17 - Day 2 of 2 Days (0830 - 1330 hours - Mountain Standard Time)

Session 6: Transitioning From The Line To Supervisor (50 minutes) “When I become a Supervisor, what happens if I have to hold one of my friends accountable? What if they don’t like me anymore?” The fact is if you lose someone’s friendship because of that, it is likely he or she wasn’t your friend to begin with. This session helps maneuver through your own impact upon organizational change and provides insight into how to make one of the most difficult transitions there is: from one of the Team to Supervisor of the Team.

10 minute break

Session 7: The Importance of Destinations (50 minutes) There is a big difference between “Where is ‘there’?” and “How to get there.” Too many ‘managers’ spend valuable time counting and second-guessing “how to get there” without knowing or understanding where “there” is. This session is intended to familiarize participants with measurable, long-range objectives, how to establish them and how to secure buy-in from team members and constituents. The reality is, “I want to follow you, Sir. I want to follow you, Ma’am. But where?”

10 minute break

Session 8: Defining Success Measures (50 minutes) This session is intended to help participants define meaningful success measures for themselves and their area of accountability using the principles discussed in other sessions.

10 minute break

Session 9: Building An Effective Team (50 minutes) This session examines – in detail - the following definition and will assist you with the mechanics of building an effective Team:  "a group of people, albeit with different skills, interests and backgrounds, who choose to allocate available resources toward the achievement of common objectives in a manner that everyone can report satisfaction."

10 minute break

Session 10: It’s About The Future - Taking It All Forward (50 minutes) In addition to pointers about how to develop an effective professional résumé, this short-course assists you and other participants to develop a follow up action plan to put into effect after the online, live short-courses are completed.

Each Participant Will Need: A computer or laptop with internet access, microphone and camera.  We strongly discourage trying to participate in these workshops using a mobile phone. You may participate from home, work or other site of your choosing. I encourage all participants to have snacks and drinks during the meetings. 

Each Participant Who Completes All 10 Hours Will: receive a Certificate of Completion, access to course materials after the online, live course is completed.

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