The Sergeants’ Academy: Kennewick, WA

The Sergeants' Academy: Kennewick, WA

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The Sergeants' Academy: Kennewick, WA
The Sergeants' Academy: Kennewick, WA

The Sergeants' Academy: Kennewick, WA

August 12 - 16, 2024
40 HRS
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Classroom academy hosted by the Kennewick Police Department, Kennewick, Washington

August 12 - 16, 2024 

The Sergeants’ Academy is structured for candidates for promotion and those who already hold the rank of Sergeant or Corporal in law enforcement. Agencies may choose to also include certain personnel who are not yet official candidates for promotion, but clearly demonstrate potential for promotion at some point in their future career. Participants may be from Patrol, Corrections/Jail, Records, Dispatch/911 or any other section within your agency. Civilian personnel are also welcome in this (or any other) Academy.

The Sergeants’ Academy Course Outline

Day 1 The Sergeant’s Role As Follower And Leader - Among The Topics To Be Covered: Why It’s Critical That You Be A Good Follower Before Expecting Others To Follow You; “I Am Not My Job Title” And Other Perils Of Being A Sergeant; Interpersonal Dynamics; Effective Leaders versus Ineffective Leaders; Professional Ethics – Not Just Something To Frame On The Wall; The 6 Keys To Personal Management Excellence; “What’s My Management Style?”; What It Takes To Move From Officer/Deputy To The Role Of Sergeant; Leadership; Strategic Issues Facing Law Enforcement Supervisors; How To Delegate Effectively; How To Deal With Difficult Employees; Effective Communication; Interrelationships Between Shift, Section, and Department Plans and Budgets; How To Write Effective Policies and Procedures; Common Problems Among Sergeants And How To Overcome Them.

Day 2 The Sergeant’s Role In Day-To-Day Operations - Among The Topics To Be Covered: The Importance Of Taking Initiative; How To Earn Respect From Peers, Subordinates and The Chief/Sheriff; How To Structure Effective Line And Staff Relationships; Critical Components Of The Sergeant’s Job Description; More On Communication; Collaboration With Other Departments Within Your Agency; How To Use Action Plans And Achievement Reports; Time Management; and Techniques For Improving Quality, Productivity and Creativity Within Your Team; The Importance Of A “Give Up List”; Improving Listening Skills

Day 3 The Sergeant’s Role In Finance & Budgeting - Among The Topics To Be Covered: How To Prepare A Budget; How To Understand And Use Your Budget As A Tool; What Assistance We Must Expect From The (City/County) Finance Departments; How To Be Accountable For Your Budget; The Sergeant’s Role In Acquiring Resources For The Team. (This is NOT a bookkeeping or accounting class.)

Day 4 The Sergeant’s Role In People Management - Among The Topics To Be Covered: Principles Of Organizational Development; How To Create An Effective Chart of Organization; Techniques For Effective Recruiting and Selection; How And Why To Implement An Effective Orientation Program; Setting Performance Standards For Subordinates; How To Be An Effective Coach; How To Conduct An Effective Job Performance Review; Records Keeping In People Management; How To Terminate Employment Relationships Without Guilt; What We Should Expect From The City/County Personnel Office.

Day 5 The Sergeant’s Role In Community and Media Relations - Among The Topics To Be Covered: Marketing & Community Relations Defined; How To Deal With The Media; How To Write An Effective Community Relations Plan; How To Write An Effective Press Release; The Role Of Citizen’s Academies In Furthering The Agency’s Objectives; The Role And Responsibilities Of The Public Information Officer (PIO); Bad Press: How To Deal With It/How To Avoid It; Effectively Packaging Your Agency; How And Why To Create A Citizen’s Advisory Group.

In addition to course materials and a Certificate of Completion, each participant will receive a copy of Steve's book, Strategic Planning & Organizational Culture For Public Safety Agencies.


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