Effective Corporate Leadership

It looks like you’re interested in leadership and management topics! Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered on the first of five days of our Effective Corporate Leadership Training:

  1. Why It’s Critical That You Be A Good Follower Before Expecting Others To Follow You: This is about understanding the dynamics of a team from a follower’s perspective before stepping into a leadership role. It helps in empathizing with team members and leading effectively.
  2. “I Am Not My Job Title” And Other Perils Of Being A Leader: This topic covers the importance of not letting one’s job title define their identity or worth. It also discusses the potential pitfalls leaders can face, such as power abuse, lack of empathy, and disconnect from the team.
  3. Interpersonal Dynamics: This involves understanding and navigating the relationships and interactions between team members. It’s crucial for conflict resolution, team building, and effective communication.
  4. Effective Leaders versus Ineffective Leaders: This topic compares the traits, behaviors, and strategies of successful leaders with those of less successful ones. It can provide valuable insights for improving one’s leadership skills.
  5. The Difference Between A “Manager” And A “Leader”: While a manager focuses on tasks, processes, and performance metrics, a leader inspires, motivates, and cultivates a positive team culture.
  6. The Difference Between “Developing Policy” And “Execution Of Policy”: Developing policy involves setting guidelines and rules, while executing policy involves implementing these guidelines and ensuring they are followed.
  7. What It Takes To Move From Line Employee To Supervisor: This topic covers the skills, mindset shifts, and steps involved in transitioning from an individual contributor role to a supervisory role.
  8. Strategic Issues Facing Supervisors: This could include challenges like managing remote teams, dealing with underperformance, maintaining team morale, and navigating organizational changes.

Each of these topics is a vast field of study in itself. If you and your team want to dive deeper into any of them, call me for a no-obligation quote!

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Effective Corporate Leadership

Effective Corporate Leadership
Effective Corporate Leadership

Effective Corporate Leadership

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This academy is structured for executives, supervisors, managers, directors and employees in any industry. As we say, "Leadership is Leadership, regardless of industry."

Dates to be determined.

Pricing Range: $25,000 - $150,000 Call for a specific quote.

Course Outline

Day 1 The Effective Leader's Role As Follower And Leader - Among The Topics To Be Covered: Why It’s Critical That You Be A Good Follower Before Expecting Others To Follow You; “I Am Not My Job Title” And Other Perils Of Being A Leader; Interpersonal Dynamics; Effective Leaders versus Ineffective Leaders; The Difference Between A "Manager" And A "Leader"; The Difference Between "Developing Policy" And "Execution Of Policy"; What It Takes To Move From Line Employee To Supervisor; Strategic Issues Facing Supervisors; How To Delegate Effectively; How To Deal With Difficult Employees; Effective Communication; Interrelationships Between Shift, Section, and Department Plans and Budgets; How To Write Effective Policies and Procedures; Common Problems Among Supervisors And How To Overcome Them.

Day 2 The Effective Leader's Role In Day-To-Day Operations - Among The Topics To Be Covered: The Importance Of Taking Initiative; How To Earn Respect From Peers And Subordinates; How To Structure Effective Line And Staff Relationships; Critical Components Of The Leader's Job Description; More On Communication; Collaboration With Other Departments Within Your Agency; How To Use Action Plans And Achievement Reports; Time Management; and Techniques For Improving Quality, Productivity and Creativity Within Your Team; The Importance Of A “Give Up List”; Improving Listening Skills.

Day 3 The Effective Leader's Role In Finance & Budgeting - Among The Topics To Be Covered: How To Prepare A Budget; How To Understand And Use Your Budget As A Tool; What Assistance We Must Expect From Finance Departments; How To Be Accountable For Your Budget; The Supervisor's Role In Acquiring Resources For The Team. (This is NOT a bookkeeping or accounting class.)

Day 4 The Effective Leader's Role In People Management - Among The Topics To Be Covered: Principles Of Organizational Development; How To Create An Effective Chart of Organization; Techniques For Effective Recruiting and Selection; How And Why To Implement An Effective Orientation Program; Setting Performance Standards For Subordinates; How To Be An Effective Coach; How To Conduct An Effective Job Performance Review; Records Keeping In People Management; How To Terminate Employment Relationships Without Guilt; What We Should Expect From The Personnel Office.

Day 5 The Effective Leader's Role In Community and Media Relations - Among The Topics To Be Covered: Marketing & Community Relations Defined; How To Deal With The Media; How To Write An Effective Community Relations Plan; The Role Of Citizen’s Academies In Furthering The Corporation's Objectives; The Role And Responsibilities Of The Public Information Officer (PIO).

In addition to course materials and a Certificate of Completion, each participant will receive a copy of Steve's book, Strategic Planning & Organizational Culture For Public Safety Agencies.


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