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Become A Host Site!

We believe in bringing training to as many different regions of the United States as possible, so we rely on host sites such as yours to work with The Results Group, Ltd. in putting the program together. Our host sites are invaluable in making the training a successful and fulfilling experience for all our clients.

We are honored that public safety agencies across the United States have supported Leadership: Excellence And Destinations (L.E.A.D.) Academy work sessions.

Benefits To Your Agency

As a L.E.A.D. Host Site, your agency can benefit in a number of ways, including:

  1. One free slot in all training classes for every 10 paid registrations we receive;
  2. Discounts on selected training programs for multiple registrations from your agency;
  3. Bring customized, professional training directly to your agency; savings on travel, per diem, overtime;
  4. Position your agency as a leader in professional training for your region;
  5. Promote your agency in the community;
  6. Foster inter-agency cooperation by participating in training with other agencies in your region.

As a Host Site, we ask that you work with us on the following items:

  • Implement your portions of the marketing communications program as outlined below, including social media, teletypes, fax broadcasts and/or presentations to local groups and organizations about training opportunities.
  • Provide a training facility capable of seating up to 40 people at one time; ensure the facility is set up according to the training needs prior to the class.
  • Provide access to audio/visual equipment and supplies, including a white board, easel and flip chart and overhead projector or Powerpoint/computer capabilities for selected classes.
  • Optional: Provide refreshments for each morning of the scheduled classes (coffee and water are acceptable).
  • Please click on the graphic, below. It is an example of the configuration of the training room for our Academies (“theater style” seating just doesn’t work for classroom exercises.)

Training Room Configuration

Costs To Your Agency?

There are no additional fees to your agency for being a Host Site, other than providing the items listed above.

Promotion of Academies

In order to make any L.E.A.D. program a success, we require a minimum of 20 registrations in order to proceed with the class. A class size up to 40 participants is ideal. Promotion of the value of the selected training programs is a key to ensuring this success and a valuable training experience for everyone involved.

For any one program, we ask that the host site follow the marketing and promotional steps listed below: Two to Three months prior to training program:

  • Send out a personal invitation from your training officer or senior leader inviting surrounding agencies to participate in the program. Include a copy of the training syllabus and description found on the registration page.
  • Develop a list of possible interested agencies in the surrounding area.
  • We encourage you to notify departments, agencies, not-for-profits and private sector companies throughout your area of the opportunity, since they can benefit from the training as well.
  • Present the opportunity to any regional training groups in your area and/or at command staff or inter-agency meetings.
  • Contact the regional training coordinator for CJTC, DPSST or POST to request that the class be listed on the state agency’s web site.

In addition to these steps, The Results Group, Ltd. will complete the following action steps:

  1. Selected personal invitations out to surrounding agencies by email – especially to those who have previously attended one or more of our Academies.
  2. Post the registration and tuition pay page for the academy on our website.
  3. Distribute a link to our email distribution list.
  4. Send a link to the registration page using our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please call 541.806-1502 or use the “Contact/Chat” tab at the bottom of this page.

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