Training For Night Shifts?

ON CONDUCTING ONLINE, LIVE LEADERSHIP TRAINING FOR NIGHT SHIFTS – GUIDANCE, PLEASE? Most training courses, workshops and classes are conducted during hours “convenient” to the trainers and roughly 2/3 of employees (those working days and swing shifts). Yet, the other 1/3 of employees – on Patrol, in Detention Centers and 911/Communications – often have to make inconvenient choices to participate…. Read more →

To My Friends In The Last Best Place

To my friends in Ravalli County – and throughout Montana … please put aside your unfounded anti-science claims, your victim-like lamentations about your “rights,” your purely emotional partisan snarkiness … and focus on your responsibilities to all our beloved other friends in Montana. In order to claim that you are, as I am so fondly inclined, “The Last Best Place”… Read more →

To My Friends In Idaho

To my friends in Idaho, as of February, 2020, your State has chosen to no longer certify my firm’s training for P.O.S.T. credit. I am instructed by one of the highest authorities in the State to pass along to you that I will see you soon. And at that time I will bring you up to speed on the journey… Read more →