To My Friends In The Last Best Place

To my friends in Ravalli County – and throughout Montana … please put aside your unfounded anti-science claims, your victim-like lamentations about your “rights,” your purely emotional partisan snarkiness … and focus on your responsibilities to all our beloved other friends in Montana.

In order to claim that you are, as I am so fondly inclined, “The Last Best Place” you must act like it.

I still see photos of you – my beloved friends – maskless. I continue to see posts boasting of “independence” with you and your family members and friends – maskless.

I worry about you and what your vanity and hubris can do to you and your families and your friends and your neighborhoods and to your local economies and to local jobs and to local hospitals and local healthcare providers.

Please? It’s not about you any longer. It’s about responsibility to something larger than any of us.

Montana like you mean it.

Set the bar for public health, public safety, public honor. Hold the bar for something larger than your own, self-imposed limitations.

Wear a mask.

Demand that others wear a mask.

Wash your hands.

Avoid group gropes.

When I wrote the novel, “Covered With Montana” I intended to pay homage to the best Angels of your very Nature. I intended to pay homage to how Montanans look out for one another and the precious nature of family cohesiveness and the spiritual honor that comes with “riding for the brand.”

Please? Montana like you mean it.

I call this to your attention because I love you and I love Montana.

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