It’s About The Future – Lieutenants

It's About The Future - Lieutenants

It's About The Future - Lieutenants
It's About The Future - Lieutenants

It's About The Future - Lieutenants

Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board - Lieutenants
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Dates: To Be Determined. All participants will be notified well ahead of time by the Director's Office.

Times: Each successive workshop begins PROMPTLY at 08:30 hours - Pacific Time. Whether at work or at home, it is perfectly acceptable to take a break at your computer workstation, eat snacks, or go to the restroom during the sessions.

Roster: We will maintain a roster for each training session. If, for some reason, a student cannot participate in one of the sessions, please contact me personally and we may work out some other arrangements. However, in order to get a Certificate of Completion for the full, 18 hours’ credit, each student must attend all workshops.

Participation: This leadership & organizational development academy is designed to be interactive. It is helpful for each person to participate using a separate laptop or desktop. We discourage using an iPhone or Android phone to participate.

Course Credit: 18 hours elective credit through CJTC. Everyone who completes the entire 18 hours will receive electronic copies of the course materials and a Certificate of Completion.


Session 1 (Six-hours, Date TBD) –  The Leader's Role As Visionary & Strategic Planner Among The Topics To Be Covered: Strategic issues facing organizations over the next 10 years; effective techniques for strategic and tactical planning; improving productivity and quality; creating a learning organization versus a trained organization; developing an effective Mission and Vision; principles of effective Strategic Planning.

Session 2 (Six-hours - Date TBD) – The Leader's Role In Implementing Effective Leadership & Management Principles Among The Topics To Be Covered: How to create an environment that fosters effective decision making and acceptance of accountability at all echelons; implementing an effective job performance review system; how to improve communication among and between the rank structure, shifts, and sections Who is the “team” for this agency? What does it take to create and maintain an effective team, focused on the agencies mission and objectives? What factors become obstacles to effective teams? Review of Team Member Opinion Survey Results and commitments for follow through.

Session 3  (Six-hours - Date TBD) – The Leader's Role In Community and Media Relations Among The Topics To Be Covered: Why every organization needs an effective marketing program; fundamentals of marketing, community relations, publicity and media relations; structuring the role of an effective Public Information Officer; how to deal with negative press; how and when to conduct a press conference; creating Informed Ambassadors on your behalf; how to get the word out about your agency without relying solely on local media; critical elements in developing an effective marketing program.

Follow up Session: (2 - 4 hours - Date TBD) - "Here's What We Said We Would Do" - "Here's What We've Actually Done" - and "Here's What We're Going To Do Next".

Repeat Team Member Opinion Survey Within 12 Months.

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