Sad, But Persistent

I don’t spend a lot of time with negative emotions.

But, sometimes I wake up feeling sad.

I feel sad because a bit of what is right about our Republic is being chipped away by what is wrong.

When lies go unchallenged and become normalized, that is wrong.

When emotions override facts, that is wrong.

When myths and conspiracy theories become mainstream political beliefs, that is wrong.

When candidates for office – or those in office – threaten violence – however slyly or obliquely – against differing opinions or against the very foundations of our Republic, that is wrong.

When people allow themselves to be bamboozled against their own self interests and the interests of their families and communities, that is wrong.

When one or two people self-appoint to set up a shadow chain-of-command and undermine the good, honest intentions of those who are focused on the mission, that is wrong.

When people use their God-given brain to be proudly, smugly and intentionally ignorant, that is wrong.

When anyone who stands up for the Rule of Law is shouted down, ridiculed, threatened and demonized, that is wrong.

When honest people are verbally and physically attacked, that is wrong.

When the vulnerable cease to be protected by family, neighbors and government, that is wrong.

When wild-eyed quislings, known liars, racists, xenophobes, misogynists and traitors are celebrated and given seats as policy makers, that is wrong.

When candidates for office – or those in office – keep “hit lists” or “enemies lists,” that is wrong.

When people who cannot manage their own lives make demands and policy about how others should live theirs, that is wrong.

When any religion seeks to replace government, that is wrong.

When corporations profit from misinforming citizens, that is wrong.

When people who tell me they support the Constitution and will defend this nation against all enemies – foreign and domestic – choose to side with people who openly undermine the very foundations and institutions of our Republic …

… that is wrong.

My Mother taught me it is wrong. My Father taught me it is wrong. My beloved mentors taught me it is wrong. Everything I know about history tells me that it is wrong.

Being sad is a transient thing. Having gotten it onto this page, that demon is now behind me. Until next time.

Until then, I will stick to what is right about America. Always. – s


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