Public Safety Is NOT “More Work” For Local Government …

First, I hope that you, your family and your team members are healthy during this time.

Secondly, I hope you are continuing to focus on Strategic Advantage!

For the foreseeable future all our training academies will be online and live. I have been encouraged by the 100+ folks who have been through such training with me during the past quarter. They have consistently rated the training as “exceeded expectations.” In the event that COVID-19 subsides and we have an effective vaccine, I will get back on the road with Academies as I have for the past 20 years.

However …. until then …

Thanks to guidance from dozens of participants about the design of courses, I have structured a few things differently for upcoming training as follows:

1. The Principles of Effective Leadership & Supervision course (10 hours) proved to be less-than convenient for many people in Federal service. So, rather than follow up with 10, 1-hour classes spread out over 10 weeks, I have changed it to be two, consecutive 5-hour classes. The material will remain the same. I anticipate offering one of these academies each quarter through 2021.

2. The Sergeants’ Academy will continue as a 40-hour course. I have also created a 10-hour Sergeants’ Academy for those who seek additional professional development opportunities but don’t need 40 hours. There will be at least 4 of the 40 hour courses and 4 of the 10 hour courses in 2021.

3. The Executive Academy will continue as a 40-hour course as well. Beginning First Quarter, 2021 I will add a 10-hour course as I have done with The Sergeants’ Academy. I anticipate offering 2 of the 40 hour courses and 2 of the 10 hour courses in 2021.

4. The Leadership Academy will remain as a 15-hour course. I am planning for one each quarter in 2021.

5. I will be adding a 20-hour Communications/Dispatch Supervisor Leadership Academy in First Quarter, 2021. I will continue to seek guidance from Communications professionals about the course content and the number of times it will be offered in 2021.

6. I will also be adding a 20-hour Strategic Planning For Results workshop beginning second quarter, 2021.

7. Night Shift Courses: It occurs to me that most training courses, workshops and classes are conducted during hours “convenient” to the trainers and roughly 2/3 of employees (those working days and swing shifts). Yet, the other 1/3 of employees who work nights have to make inconvenient choices in order to participate in “daylight hours only” training. Therefore, I’ll be offering short-versions of The Sergeants Academy and The Leadership Academy for night shift people at least 4 times in 2021.

If you haven’t checked out the “Short-Courses” on my firm’s website, please do so. They are quite popular, reasonably priced and, well, short …

Please pass along this link to my firm’s website ( to your training officer, administrators and your colleagues across the United States?

If any of your contacts wish to attend an upcoming course, please let them know they are eligible for a discount on the tuition; just have them email me and I will send them a tuition discount code.

Group rates are available at any time for any course.

Please keep in touch. I very much enjoy hearing about your successes.
Let me know when I can return the favor!

… and by the way, Public Safety is THE work of local government. Don’t let local decision-makers “prioritize” the cornerstone of democracy. When Public Safety is properly funded and staffed, everything else will be just fine.

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