Feeling Stuck?

To those who misbelieve they do not have transferrable skills to allow them to work in other industries … I don’t buy it.

Don’t be the one who puts your future in a box.

– Taking care of your personal health and your family is transferrable;

– Doing the right thing is a transferrable skill;

– Helping other team members to be successful is a transferrable skill;

– Making the best use of available resources on behalf of the customer is transferrable;

– Listening is transferrable;

– Initiative is transferrable;

– Effective, adult coping skills are transferrable;

– Commitment to life-long learning is transferrable;

– Focusing on the expectations of customers is transferrable;

– Accepting and focusing on those outcomes that are important to your supervisor are transferrable;

– Following the organization’s rules is transferrable;

– Not taking one’s self too seriously is transferrable;

– The willingness to accept accountability for one’s own choices is transferrable;

– Saying, “thank you” is transferrable;

– Catching others doing things right is transferrable;

– Knowing you’re not your job title or job description are transferrable;

– Creativity and innovation are transferrable;

– Treating others with compassion is transferrable;

– Looking out for the vulnerable is transferrable …

What if … just what IF … you’re the one who is limiting your personal and professional growth and satisfaction?

Please, do not feel stuck in your career because you don’t think you have “transferrable skills.”

Lead like you mean it. – s

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Stephen L. Kent, founder and president of The Results Group, Ltd., has more than 35 years of leadership, training and facilitation experience. As a leadership & training consultant, he specializes in helping organizations design and implement programs to improve personal, leadership and organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, issues management and community engagement. Steve is a dynamic speaker who is known for his straight talk that gets right to the heart of key issues. He is the author of Strategic Planning & Organizational Culture For Public Safety Agencies and the novel, Covered With Montana - both of which may be purchased on Amazon.com. He and his family reside in Oro Valley, Arizona.

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