The Leadership Academy – 2017: Klamath Falls, Oregon

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Date(s) - 08/07/2017 - 08/11/2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Klamath County Sheriff's Office




leadershipHosted by the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, The Leadership Academy is structured for anyone who is currently in a leadership position or who simply wants to learn more about effective leadership. Participants from local governments, civic organizations, private businesses and not-for-profit organizations are encouraged to attend.

The Leadership Academy Course Outline

Day 1 The Results Leader’s Role As Follower And Leader Among The Topics To Be Covered: Why It’s Critical That You Be A Good Follower Before Expecting Others To Follow You; “I Am Not My Job Title” And Other Perils Of Being A Supervisor; Interpersonal Dynamics; Effective Leaders versus Ineffective Leaders; Professional Ethics – Not Just Something To Frame On The Wall; “What’s My Management Style?”; What It Takes To Move From Line Employee To The Role Of Supervisor; Leadership Defined; Strategic Issues Facing Supervisors; How To Delegate Effectively; How To Deal With Difficult Employees; Effective Communication; Interrelationships Between Shift, Section, and Department Plans and Budgets; How To Write Effective Policies and Procedures; Common Problems Among Supervisors And How To Overcome Them.

Day 2 The Results Leader’s Role In Day-To-Day Operations Among The Topics To Be Covered: The Importance Of Taking Initiative; How To Earn Respect From Peers, Subordinates and Your Own Supervisor; How To Structure Effective Line And Staff Relationships; More On Communication; Collaboration With Other Departments Within Your Agency; How To Use Action Plans And Achievement Reports; Time Management; and Techniques For Improving Quality, Productivity and Creativity Within Your Team; The Importance Of A “Give Up List”; Improving Listening Skills

Day 3 The Results Leader’s Role In Finance & Budgeting Among The Topics To Be Covered: How To Prepare A Budget; How To Understand And Use Your Budget As A Tool; What Assistance We Must Expect From Finance Departments; How To Be Accountable For Your Budget; The Supervisor’s Role In Acquiring Resources For The Team. (This is NOT a bookkeeping or accounting class.)

Day 4 The Results Leader’s Role In People Management Among The Topics To Be Covered: Principles Of Organizational Development; How To Create An Effective Chart of Organization; Techniques For Effective Recruiting and Selection; How And Why To Implement An Effective Orientation Program; Setting Performance Standards For Subordinates; How To Be An Effective Coach; How To Conduct An Effective Job Performance Review; Records Keeping In People Management; How To Terminate Employment Relationships Without Guilt; What We Should Expect From The Personnel Office.

Day 5 The Results Leader’s Role In Community and Media Relations Among The Topics To Be Covered: Marketing & Community Relations Defined; How To Deal With The Media; How To Write An Effective Community Relations Plan; How To Write An Effective Press Release; The Role Of Citizen’s Academies In Furthering The Agency’s Objectives; The Role And Responsibilities Of The Public Information Officer (PIO); Bad Press: How To Deal With It/How To Avoid It; Effectively Packaging Your Organization; How And Why To Create A Citizen’s Advisory Group.

Additional Guidance:

  • Class begins promptly at 0800 hours. We take breaks each hour. Lunch is between 1200 and 1300 hours. Each training day ends not later than 1700 hours.
  • We do not provide meals.
  • Unless your agency has a policy requiring otherwise, we encourage casual dress … The instructor wears jeans …
  • Participants are encouraged to bring pen/pencil and paper for notes.
  • We ask that “texting,” “internet surfing” and phone calls be avoided during instruction times.
  • Each participant will have access to digital copies of course materials within a week after the course has been completed.





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