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Date(s) - 09/02/2020 - 10/28/2020
8:30 am - 12:30 pm

On Line - Live From Oro Valley, AZ


The Executive Academy Online is a series of LIVE, ON-LINE classes conducted with participants from across the United States.

Save on Travel, Lodging – and for the short term, unhealthy group gatherings – along with other expenses associated with classroom training!

This academy is presented in eight, separate blocks: six 5-hour blocks, two 4-hour blocks and one, 2-hour block between September and October of 2020.

The live sessions use Zoom (it is free) (get a Zoom account here) as the delivery platform and The Results Group, Ltd.’s Distance Learning capability. It is not necessary for participants to download our distance learning software; it is the method we will use for students to take Quizzes and download their Certificates of Completion.

Registration: Registration and payment are completed in the same manner as always, using the Registration section at the bottom of this page. Please read the Registration guidance – and understand our strict policy about the security of your data – before registering.

Dates: The training sessions are conducted as noted below. When you register, please note the dates on your own calendar and be prepared to promptly join the class at least 5 minutes before it begins on-line. If the dates do not work out for you, please check other, similar academies in the list at right for one that has a suitable schedule. We are also amenable to tailor a schedule for a minimum of 15 participants.

Times: Each successive block begins PROMPTLY at 08:30 hours. Whether at work or at home, it is perfectly acceptable to take a break at your computer workstation, eat snacks, or get up to go to the restroom during the sessions.

Interactive: One of the things I have been instructed about is the fact that some students (yes, even LEOs) will log in to an online course, go watch television or walk their dog, then come back and claim credit. In order to maintain the official blessings of various State P.O.S.T. agencies, I have guaranteed them that we will ensure that all students must interact with the instructor on a regular, unannounced basis during each block of training. I hate to have to do that, but I do not get to set those rules … it could be some of your friends and mine have been the ones who screwed it up for everyone … and they would probably be among the first to claim “integrity.” There are numerous “Break Out Rooms” in the course (the equivalent of the worktable configuration we use in regular classroom training), where participants can work together on in-class assignments. Participants MUST have a Zoom account in order to participate in the Breakout Rooms.

Roster: Again, in order to maintain the blessings of various P.O.S.T. agencies, we will maintain a roster for each training session. If, for some reason, a student cannot participate in one of the sessions, please contact me personally and we may work out some other arrangements. However, in order to get a Certificate of Completion for the full, 40 hours’ credit, each student must have paid tuition, attend all the classes, and complete all quizzes.

Homework Assignments: There is no homework.

Quizzes: There are a series of quizzes that must be successfully passed by each student in order to earn a Certificate of Completion.

Course Credit: 40 hours

COURSE OUTLINE: The Executive Academy Course Online & LIVE

Sessions 1 and 2 (Five hours each, September 2 and September 9) –  The Executive’s Role As Visionary & Strategic Planner Among The Topics To Be Covered During These Two, Five-Hour Sessions: Strategic issues facing law enforcement over the next 10 years and how to plan and manage around them; executive-level techniques for strategic and tactical planning; improving productivity and quality; creating a learning organization versus a trained organization; developing an effective Mission and Vision; principles of effective Strategic Planning; Developing an effective Planning Cycle Calendar tied to your agency’s budget.

Sessions 3 and 4 (Five hours each, September 16 and September 23) – The Executive’s Role In Implementing Effective Leadership & Management Principles Among The Topics To Be Covered During These Two, Five-Hour Sessions: How to create an environment that fosters effective decision making and acceptance of accountability at all echelons; implementing an effective job performance review system; how to improve communication among and between the rank structure, shifts, and sections.

Session 5 (Two Hours, September 30 ) – The Executive’s Role In Finance & Budgeting Among The Topics To Be Covered During This Two-Hour Session: How to always be prepared for budget presentations; integrating the department’s goals with the budget process; how to sell your budget to other policy makers, budget committees and the taxpayers; how and why to involve decision makers throughout your agency in finance and budgeting. (This is not an accounting or bookkeeping class!)

Sessions 6 and 7 – (Five Hours Each, October 7 and October 14) – The Executive’s Role In People Management Among The Topics To Be Covered During These Two, Five-Hour Sessions: Who is the “team” for this agency? What does it take to create and maintain an effective team, focused on the agencies mission and objectives? What factors become obstacles to effective teams? What is senior leadership’s role in leading by example and expecting others to follow accordingly?

Sessions 8 and 9 (Four Hours Each , October 21 and October 28 ) – The Executive’s Role In Community and Media Relations Among The Topics To Be Covered During These Two, Four-Hour Sessions: Why every law enforcement agency needs an effective marketing program; fundamentals of marketing, community relations, publicity and media relations; structuring the role of an effective Public Information Officer; how to deal with negative press; how and when to conduct a press conference; how to get the word out about your agency without relying solely on local media; critical elements in developing an effective marketing program.



Ticket Type Price Spaces
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One Registration for One Participant

Agency Registration
If your agency has 2 or more students in the training room of your choice, the tuition is $300 per person.

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