Team Member Opinion Surveys

Our clients find that their employees are a valuable, untapped reservoir of ideas and techniques for making their respective agencies better places to work while improving constituent satisfaction with services.


  • Provide survey instrument and modify it with input from senior leadership
  • Conduct survey
  • Tabulate survey
  • Conduct presentation to senior leadership – either in person or through our Results On Line Video Conference service
  • Facilitate follow up meetings with employee groups so they understand the survey response data
  • Facilitate follow up meetings with employee groups to develop written action plans to improve survey scores
  • Provide ongoing support to senior leadership and first line supervisors to integrate employee ideas into short- and long-range plans

There are THREE, requirements that must be met before anyone can hire our firm to do a Team Member Opinion Survey:

  1. It must be CONFIDENTIAL
  2. It must be VOLUNTARY
  3. There must be a commitment from senior decision-makers to follow up with employees by:
  • Showing them the results of the survey;
  • Securing their input into written Action Plans for how to improve selected scores (covered in any of our Leadership Academies);
  • Follow through on implementing selected Action Plans.

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Team Member Opinion Survey

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