Strategic Planning

You_YourAgency_YourTeam_etcWe are not primarily concerned with “what” our clients manage. Our primary concern is “HOW” our clients manage their organizations.

Our Strategic Management System™ is designed to assist our clients to put a very specific, deliberate methodology into place which will, when practiced by everyone, ensure that they are making the best and highest use of precious taxpayer dollars.

The Strategic Management System™ integrates community opinion, your mission, long-range objectives, job descriptions and the performance review system with your budget and regular reports of progress back to your constituents.

Over and above the L.E.A.D.™* Training for all members of the agency, we assist to:

  • Set up an annual planning cycle calendar
  • Conduct a strategic planning seminar for the planning team
  • Set up and facilitate all planning meetings
  • Conduct selected research about demographics and psychographics of the service area
  • Draft mission statement, statement of vision, long-range strategic objectives using internal and external input
  • Draft Planning Cycle Calendar to coincide with annual budget procedures
  • Review existing job descriptions and recommend changes to integrate with the Strategic Plan
  • Review existing job performance review system and other reports to integrate with the Strategic Plan
  • Provide final copies of Strategic Plan to key decision makers
  • Provide ongoing assistance in cascading strategic objectives throughout the organization

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please call 541.806-1502 for assistance or use the “Contact/Chat” tab at the bottom of this page.