Why Hire A Consultant?

Yes, we’ve heard the jokes: “A consultant is a fool away from home with a briefcase …”; “A consultant is someone who looks at your watch and tells you what time it is … then takes your watch …”

And, it may be true that there are such folks out there. All the more reason to do a good job of background checks on those you might be considering to bring in for specific assistance.

Among the many reasons to hire a “consultant” are:

  • to have access to a professional who is not emotionally involved in the process; who can bring objectivity to both the desired results and the methodology for getting there;
  • to bring someone in as a temporary member of your team who has specific technical expertise that you and your agency may not have;
  • to have someone who may see and find things that you and your team may have stopped being aware of;
  • and to have access to a professional who has worked with similar issues with a broad spectrum of other Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

We are honored to provide a wide range of Organizational Development, Strategic Planning and Team Building Consulting. Please review the explanation of our consulting services on the associated pages, or go to any of these links:

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please call 541.806-1502 or use the “Contact/Chat” tab at the bottom of this page.



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